Ls with a mixture of hypocellular (collagenous) and hypercellular area. The spindle cells arranged in various patterns, including storiform, wavy, desmoidlike, palisading and hemangiopericytoma-like (fig. generic viagra canada 2). In hypercellular areas, the cells were spindle or orbicular-ovate with finely dispersed chromatin and inconspicuous and small nucleoli. In hypocellular areas, the cells were elongated to spindle lacking nucleoli. No cytological atypia, necrosis, and hemorrhage were found. In the margin of the tumor, the entrapped follicles can be seen (fig. 2). In some area, follicular cells had squamous metaplasia and acidophilia metaplasia. The mitotic figures were rare [<1 /10 high-power field (hpf)]. buy 50mg viagra Immunohistochemically, tumor cells were strongly positive for cd99, bcl-2 and cd34, but negative for desmin, neurone-specific enolase (nse), smooth muscle actin (sma), s-100, or cd68. buy generic viagra online Ki-67 index is lower than 5% (fig. 3). viagra samples Entrapped follicles were positive for thyroid globin (tg). buy viagra canada The final pathological diagnosis is thyroid gland solitary fibrous tumor of the left lobe. viagra cost Discussion top introduction discussion references solitary fibrous tumor (sft) is a rare spindle-cell neoplasm, which was first reported by klemperer and rabin in 1931 as a pleural tumor [1]. cheap generic viagra Subsequently, it has been recognized in other organs of the body [2-13]. Furthermore, distinct immunohistochemical features and electron microscopy findings supported a fibroblastic differentiation of the tumor. Therefore, it is now widely accepted that sft is a quite ubiquitous neoplasm of likely mesenchymal origin. Sft arising in the thyroid is very rare. Since taccagni et al. viagra price 10mg First reported in 1993, only 23 cases have been reported in the literature [2-14]. It often occurs in adults, with an average age of 49. jack wagner viagra commercial 5 years (range from 28 to 76 years old). Among 24 cases, including the present one, 15 cases were male and the other 9 cases were female [table 1]. Thyroid sft has no pathognomonic clinical feature and presents with a painless slowly increasing mass. The patient reported with the intrathoracic tumor had increasing respiratory symptoms that were thought to be caused by his well-known asthma. viagra price 10mg The etiopathogenisis of sft is not clear, but in some cases occurred in the thyroid presented with a background of long-standing goiter [1, 12, 14], however, the herein reported case showed no goiter and found by phsycal examination. Most thyroid sfts appeared as large well-circumscribed solid lesions, with whitish to grayish color on c.



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